The workshop

During the workshop participants have expressed their with to learn more about why this workshop is important and where it is leading to and how it compares to other developed countries. I came up with the following presentation :

The key message was to show that even most developed countries like Switzerland have multiple claim on land leading to conflicts. To reduce conflicts plans are made. There are winner and loser in each plan, and it is up to decision makers, such as the participant in the workshop, to assess trade-offs and opportunities and decide how the development of their own country should look like. The example given : half moon technology that brought lots of greenness in a range, yet is is part of an enclosure. Is that good or bad? It is up to Somaliland people to negotiate that, scientist are not here to give them the answers but to give them the information and tools to do so.

Find all pictures from the workshop here.

And find the base maps here we used during the workshop.

simplified soils.jpg


Find here the scanned participatory maps. (up-coming, transparencies are at the printing shop)