How to get started

Getting the software

get the latest release of Qgis an open source software here.
and have a quick look at the user guide
and here is a formal training from which one can learn theory here

Getting data for Somaliland and beyond

download your first dataset by looking through these links :
ILRI-FAO livestock distribution maps
population distribution worldpop
overview of current land cover maps

Read the most important document about ecosystem functions and services literature

Millennium assessment have a look at chapter 2
here is a good simplified overview
here is the example we would like to adapt for Somaliland
here the related Nature paper from Costanza 97

Set up for the learning reflection

As we will be learning on the job, not through formal training it is important to reflect every day about what we have learned during the day. This is an output expected by the donor.
We have three option to do this and we need to choose at least one.
  1. prepare an excel sheet with the following colums reflection.jpg
  2. use a dairy software like penzu, but because it is private a summary has to be written at the end of the month
  3. set up a GIS wiki-space for ISTVS, i.e. a website where all other tutors can train themselves (collaborative learning), as there is no need for a GIS lab with open source.
  4. set up a ISTVS GIS blog, where you publicly explain what you have learned, where to find information and so on. This can be then continued after the attachment share more information