The objective

Participants able to acquire, manage and analyze geographical data to support research in environmental research. We are planning to work mainly with the QGIS software which is open source, but also allow participants to test ArcGIS.
More specifically the learning objective will be:
  1. Understand the basic concept of Geographical Information System
    1. Are able to classify data by their nature
    2. Are able to manipulate projections correctly
    3. Are able to perform all necessary manipulation to present publishable maps
    4. Ability to access and process relevant open access data
      1. Knows where to access data
      2. Can transform data to be read by GIS software
i. Read excel data with coordinates
ii. Link data to geographical units
  1. Able to store and document new data following international standards
  2. Have the capability to acquire knowledge about new approaches without formal training
  3. Be able to choose the right software given objective of the work
  4. Apply the concept of ecosystem services to livestock context in Somaliland
    1. Identify ecosystem functions and services supporting livestock production in Somaliland
    2. Map the ecosystem function
    3. Derive conclusion for improved land management

The method

Participants will acquire their knowledge and capabilities on the job, by working the mapping of ecosystem services in Somaliland. Participants will also be assigned to GIS support tasks requested by ILRI scientists. Participants will be able to shape their learnings themselves and add to the list of objectives above.

Expected output

A reflective learning journal from each participant
A set of maps of ecosystem function maps for Somaliland
A virtual gis lab for ISTVS